Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mani Bhavan. Laburnum Road. Where Gandhi lived in Bombay with...

Mani Bhavan. Laburnum Road.

Where Gandhi lived in Bombay with a library, a museum of incredible dioramas, and the room ‘intact’ of where he worked.

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#nostalgiaforthefuture in Pune and Mumbai this week.

#nostalgiaforthefuture in Pune and Mumbai this week.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Strike a Pose. 2016.25 years after Blonde Ambition, Madonna’s...

Strike a Pose. 2016.

25 years after Blonde Ambition, Madonna’s largely gay dancers speak of her, AIDS, drugs and failure…

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Pretty in Pink. Howard Deutch. 1986.Rich Boy Poor Girl, John...

Pretty in Pink. Howard Deutch. 1986.

Rich Boy Poor Girl, John Hughes screenplay where everyone talks smart. And some great 80s fashion.

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Serbis. Brillante Mendoza. 2008.sexuality and family dynamics in...

Serbis. Brillante Mendoza. 2008.

sexuality and family dynamics in the hot decrepit porn cinema hall

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Marnie. Alfred Hitchcock. 1964.The shapeshifter secretary has a...

Marnie. Alfred Hitchcock. 1964.

The shapeshifter secretary has a deep repressed past that compels her to steal. 

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The Stranger. Orson Welles. 1946.Small town academia is the...

The Stranger. Orson Welles. 1946.

Small town academia is the refuge of a charming Nazi

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