Friday, May 30, 2008

satyam shivam sundaram

for adults only: the amazing morning bhajans from ‘satyam shivam sundaram’. she is the only woman who can be sexy in spite of being, or maybe because, she is so incredibly ungraceful and awkward. it seems as if she is trying too hold her assets together as she walks through the forest and is not quite able to. while ‘bhor’ has the distinction of having the wonderful walk and the waterfall scene; the title track has the innocent belle doing naughty naughty things to a phallus in national flag filters. but it must be my dirty mind working- raj kapoor meant no such connotation. you tube the title track for your opinion.

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Mukul said...

and as a little child i used to sing the said songs in my unbroken, unknowing voice.. sss was an 'adults' film - the whole world saw it thats another matter.. but i just watched it on dvd and it is still awful and vulgar, by any standards..