Thursday, August 21, 2008

bachna ae haseeno

the conceit of it all is unbelievable. the guy acts like a complete jerk the first half of the film- first kissing and telling with glee and next dumping the girl who loves him on their wedding day. then in the second half, he gets to feel even better about himself by apologizing to them and in the process making their lives even better- bringing love back to a frigid marriage and taming the shrew film star. khuda jaane is a nice song, lucky boy – not so much. ranbir kapoor gets better with each of the stories. minissha lamba is annoying and ugly , bipasha basu is very good in the first half and wooden in the second, deepika padukone is terrific throughout- she looks great and is not bad at all in her second film as an actress. the real star and she has the shortest storyline.

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