Sunday, November 06, 2005

'goodbye lenin'

a mother falls into a coma and when she wakes up germany has been unified. her son goes to ridiculous lengths to recreate the earlier berlin so that his mother does not have to cope with the shock of unification.
though i was a little annoyed in the beginning by the incessant cuteness and the irritating piano background score; the film suddenly became far more when the premise of the film becomes merely a backdrop to explore the languages and ideals of the two radically different worlds; from the clothes, the television shows, the food. why was all the paraphernalia of the east so summarily discarded? what happened to the world that had created it? what happened to those people?
suddenly the film, from being an ingratiatingly sweet piece of fluff became a fairly moving look at a world suddenly vanished.
my memories of childhood are also full of these images of state sponsored stuff, that is nowhere to be found nowadays.. a ridiculous nostalgia grips me for the days of black and white tv, and chaya geet on thursdays. and how we longed for more then.
beautiful image: the bust of lenin floating over the streets of the city being carried off into the sunset by a helicopter.

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sukanya said...

I was actually surfing google for notes on meghe dhaka tara.I happen to be a film student and am researching on the film. I think the photograph in b/w on your profile page is very interesting. Good work by whoever's taken the pic.