Monday, November 21, 2005

'nico and dani' / 'lady of the assasins'

‘nico and dani’

pleasant coming of age stuff as two 17 year old boys explore each other and their sexualities in a summer together in a beach town. two equally curious girls and an older male author help them along. dani loves nico longingly, nico cant decide exactly. nothing particularly new about the plot - the usual heartaches and burning jealousies, but with a burning chemistry between the delicate actors and the palpably authentic adolescent emotions. took me back to all the insecurities and complications of growing up. lovely and more than a little embarrassingly real.

‘lady of the assasins’

in medellin, colombia as law and order disintegrates violent gangs rule the streets arbitrarily dispensing justice with guns. a jaded author comes back to his hometown and falls in love with a beautiful hit man and installs him in his barren flat overlooking the sprawling city in the valley. through their relationship and the tragedy that was inevitable, the madness of the city and the surreal nature of life in it. we see a world gone mad - caught between the apathy of the government, the lure of easy money, the ambiguous role of the church, the casualness towards the value of a life, the machismo and the desires of the young men who now rule the city. it’s a complicated thing, showing us this place- and barbet schroeder mixing realism and magic realism, made it seem very frightening- this place where there was no escape from violence but death.

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