Sunday, November 16, 2008


the big gay thing is, of course, the big joke in the whole of the first half, complete with effeminate stereotypes and misunderstandings, but most of them were actually funny- and actually quite sweet in parts. when gay the film was complete camp- and lots of fun-it sucked when they got the straight love quadrangle in and gave into boring clich├ęs. there was nowhere for the film to go when they had to straighten the macho men out so that no taint of homoeroticism could taint their heteroness. the men were surrounded by hto women in nothing clothes and leered at them lecherously to underline their maleness. but john abraham was the main eye candy- i assume for men and women- and that was a first. and so was the first male male lead couple kiss. abhishek bachchan redeemed himself again after he became the king of boring since his shaadi and priyanka chopra stayed herself. the music was great though- especially ‘jaane kyun’, ‘maa da laadla’ and ‘maula mere’ with amanat – my favourite from last years ‘sa re ga ma pa’ singing lead.

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