Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the ground beneath her feet . proof . charlie's angels

i think i can take only one salman rushdie novel in a year. not that ‘the ground beneath her feet’ was a bad read- its just that his overwhelming outpouring of words and ideas seemed tired and formulaic to me- especially when he name checks famous rock events as the story of the vina apsara and ormus cama led rock back chugs along. and ‘proof’ that ewenyth paltrow film whose moral of the story is that beautiful people have brains too was just too slight a premise with too profound a tone. it looked and felt ridiculous. if it has to be silly the ‘charlie’s angel’ film was much more fun. the brief to the director from the marketing men - hot chicks kicking butt are cool.

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Vani said...

I think Ground beneath her feet is one of his best works...I loved reading it...
it was interestingly diificult for me to traverse through his complex web of events real n fictious events...allusions..myths.. and fanatsy...My knowledge n interest in rock n roll is very limited..I cannot remember how many friends(and family)I had to talk to while I was reading the book..just to understand the whole 70s movement ..

I think that's the best thing I like about Rushdie's novels..the way he knits his stories around these real events...I have to go n read numerous wikipedia even get close to understanding his characters..

and i agree....One Rushdie in one year is more than enuff to digest..!:)