Monday, January 26, 2009

slumdog millionare

am back from watching the film that everyone has an opinion on and if i am trying not to echo what everyone has said already there is nothing much to say. bishakha, kuntal, ajay, have all said it before so i shrugged my shoulders largely agreeing with them. i liked the music only when it was not a r rehman (m.i.a.’s paper planes) and the acting when it wasn’t dev patel or freida pinto (the kids) and the camerawork when it wasn’t gawking at spectacular spectacular or rushing around in jerky diagonals for frenetic effect (which was very rare). there is no point in picking at the implausible story, hindi films cant claim much as far as realism go anyway but when they choreograph and song and dance they know how to do it right. railway stations are good sets for dances- remember urmila in 'rangeela'?.. 'jai ho' does not cut it. it takes more flair.

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