Sunday, February 15, 2009

the past week

it has been madness this week as i have been scrambling around trying to make sense of my parallel processed life. from rushing to mhada and offering opinions on the bidders for dharavi’s plans for it (the school is on the advisory committee to the state), to the school and its madnesses- visitors from out of town, juries, meetings, parents of defaulting kids, to the work i am doing with rupali that took us ot pune- to family functions like yesterday's sangeet on a beach bungalow at versova where we meet again- cousins that do only rarely and that too only when we are all relatively well dressed. this one was was chinmaya and tejal and turns out to be first of a series of three events. and as it turns out i am soon going to be related to one of my ex-students- kaushik is a cousin of tejal who is marrying chinmaya my cousin.

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Mukul said...

Offo, aage bhi to bolo na..