Wednesday, September 03, 2008

forever young

my favourite parts are definitely the beginning and the end when lou majaw and the band play loudly and joyfully ‘forever young’ and ‘rainy day women’- everybody must get stoned… and the kids in a girls school sing along and laugh and scream.

my bob dylan phase was in my 20s, when with a collector’s mania i bought and knew by rote all his 60’s classic albums. ‘ highay 61 revisited’, ‘freewheeling’, nashville skyline’… but of all of them ‘blonde on blonde’ was my personal favourite with ‘visions of johanna’ being, for me, the greatest song ever written. i could hear it on repeat for hours. his later albums from the 70’s and 80’s i did not like except for the bitterness and humour of ‘blood on the tracks’. ‘oh mercy’ was all atmospheric daniel lanois production that i thought was divine but am not so sure of right now. his recent albums don’t do anything for me, though i do religiously download every one of them. ‘time out of mind’ was perhaps the only one that i probably liked.

lou majaw seems like he is the dylan of the north east. every year he and his band play a celebration concert every year to commemorate dylans’ birthdays from the 60th to his 65th . these are documented through concerts and conversations with majaw, his makeshift family and his band members. in the film dylan plays, like he always does, a prophet for a generation who was so much younger then and are older than that now.

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