Saturday, September 27, 2008

the thursday in town

showing ujjan and arunav the sights of the city that include bkc, dharavi, dadar parsi colony, phoenix, haji ali, ambani house, marine drive and the fort in quick succession. the only real bombay ujjan saw was in marine drive... :) bought a camera next from reliable in bora bazaar. canon eos. this is the first shot.

later at mohammedali road with the help of antoine's gastronomical expertise ate succulent kiri, boti, kaleja on side streets anf walked underneath the flyover to minara masjid for malpua and baida roti. lovely.

phone cam



ajay noronha said...

cheers ro!...

Rauf said...

450D ? wanted to suggest a change of camera for a long time but hesitated. You were posting subject related pictures, so the quality of pictures did not really matter. Good clarity now. the lady in the foreground and the background posters 'exclusively in photo store' are very sharp. It is handling low light very well. Must be iftaar time Ramzaan. Most of the muslims are moderates. i don't know what got into some heads. i never felt insecure in my country. Personally i have never noticed any discrimnation. You have money or you don't have money, THAT matters a lot, if you are a muslim or a Hindu
i am a nonbeliever, i am a monkey, you can't call a monkey an athiest. i just don't belong anywhere. but my sisters, nephew and niece are very religious. Fasting, prayers five times a day but all their close friends who hang around in my house are Hindus or Christians, mostly Hindus.

i see freedom in your last picture. the muslims are so relaxed. Somebody has to tell them that there is more freedom for a muslim in India than they ever hope to find in any islamic country.