Sunday, September 21, 2008

i'm not there

as soon as you pin him down, he’s not there. fickle, sardonic, irreverent and honest. this is a mad warped maybe too-clever-for-its-own-good biopic of sorts that i loved. 6 actors play different versions of the man- each a different characteristic from a young black runaway kid, to cate blanchett’s spot on impression of the electric dylan to richard gere as the rebel in hiding billy the kid. heath ledger and christian bale play glam struck film star and moralistic poet- folk and gospel singer respectively. sick as i am of art that targets the usual suspects lined up (finger pointing art is what a dylan says at some point of the film- and he has only ten) i am glad that sometimes the finger is pointed at an earlier version of himself. i wish there were more like him- willingly rebelling against all expectations of what he is supposed to be or say. the rebel rebels when art is supposed to serve society by preaching messages to help improve society or when art exists only for its own sake. and while listening to the songs again i remembered again that are still beautiful brilliant incredible. i was on the verge of tears too often. maybe my dylan phase begins all over again.

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