Friday, October 31, 2008


first the predictably awful karzz in which himesh lives up to my expectations and urmila puts on a husky voice to be evil. some of the songs i liked- if only he didn’t sing them. the other predictable bollywood dud ‘fashion’ was not as sleazy as i thought it would be. pulpy like a jackie collins novel and enjoyable in the same way except for the tedious second half with priyanka chopra pouting her way back to the top. kangana ranaut is the real show stopper though- even with that terrible voice she really believes in that character. the film was surprisingly not as offensive as i thought it could have been. even the marriage of convenience to the gay designer was not as cringe inducing as i expected.
and on tv ‘the great dictator’ chaplin’s double role as tailor and tyrant with a sentimental inspirational ‘why cant we all love one another end’ but on its way there hilarious, brilliant and moving. that ballet with the inflated globe, or the barbers chairs… fantastic. cute killer machines from outer space save planet earth from something called the ‘cube’ in transformers. the special effects were supposed to be amazing but on the small screen the villains transformed into the heroes who transformed into planes, tanks, huge robots and confused my poor brain.
in ‘bari thekey paliye’ kanchon runs away from home to a post independence calcutta reeling under the impact of the partition. beautiful film.


Ranjit said...

hey rona,
my blog finally had 10000 hits.
roughly two years after yours did.......!
i dont even want to see your counter....:)

Namrata said...

hhehehehh ...I am sure most of the hits were you refreshing your page over and over again !!!

Ranjit said...

okok, i admit when i was hitting 5000 7 years back i clicked refresh 20 times!!!! :P