Friday, October 10, 2008

some cyborgs

diane ivy pot edward theater

reema cotton pod zipper bora bazaar

meghashree feather wallet sandhurst road railway station

radhika jaw umbrella bhaucha dhakka

anuj grass rubberband jogeshwari caves

payal locust lightbulb dindoshi sra

lavina ginger icecube tray mandapeshwar caves

ashish centipede knife juhu market

namita tree stem ballpoint pen zoo


taksheel bat wheel juhu temple


world leader pretend said...

wow- these look like so much fun!
Everyone had different sites? they picked their own sites?

Anarchytect said...

the sites were also picked from a hat. the list was made by us. the entire thing was based on random chance.

Nimita said...

whooooww sooooper models! and sooper fun projects... even i want..