Tuesday, April 14, 2009

apocalypse now . the wayward cloud

fever dream beauty- all very spectacular. a river snakes through a forest as a man hunts for an officer gone mad. on the way he witnesses other officers fighting the war with their own idiosyncratic priorities like surfboards and beaches. war and death are made gorgeous in the half light and darkness, the distant sounds of airplanes and gunfire. it is no wonder that the doors’ ‘the end’ is its anthem and as jim morrison croons his adolescent death pangs a line of fire burns the forest.

a romantic comedy about urban alienation and the simulation of love/sex, the wayward cloud is a sequel to ‘the skywalk is gone’. after the place where he sells watches vanishes a young man becomes a local porn star as water runs out of the city and is replaced with watermelons. the apartment building is an oppressive labyrinth of rooms – a device that reminded me of a similarly dysfunctional building in jagte raho.

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