Tuesday, April 14, 2009

kaushik at pundole and the guild

The works are guaranteed to work.

In a future world new life forms evolve assembled out of the debris of civilization. These fragments are assembled together to make war machines that create a spectacle out of comic juxtapositions and movements; a computing machine bleeds its wires all over the floor as it generates predetermined but random answers; a city is made out of what used to be part of its most basic infrastructure and a garden is created out of the fragments of our everyday life. In it is a longing for elsewhere. The other place is desire.

Tiny fragments enlarge to become part of a larger whole through a shift of scale, and vice versa. We recognize the pieces that make these machines only for a minute before the stability of the signifier disappears into the assemblage.

How long will these machines last or long should they? Once their life is over do these also disappear into what remains of our history- waiting for another purpose, another meaning- an afterlife?


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Anarchytect said...

the only ones i had.. the light tank / infrared cannot be seen by the naked eye / the garden

sonal sundararajan said...

o babu lovely pictures!