Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the skywalk is gone . sweet movie

again a world without water but this time only for twenty minutes. a missing skywalk disorients a young woman as she tries to find her way amid reflections and moving traffic around taipei station. another young man auditions for a part in a pron film. the film ends with a pop song playing as a white cloud srifts ona clear ble sky.
i admit to being completely grossed out but still fascinated by ‘sweet movie’, dusan makajayev’s film from 1974. two women – one on a journey through the crass commercialization of america and the other on a boat with karl marx’s face carrying the corpses of children and her other victims – the bride of communism. while the first ends up in a commune where shitting competitions and vomiting over dinner is the real party, the other seduces young boys and kills the sailor potemkin as he is covered in sugar. references and cross references abound to real life massacres like the discovery of mass graves in katyn and other atrocities that were the results of communism, fascism and capitalism. if in this description the movie sounds crazy, i am not even touching upon part of the madness.

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