Monday, December 12, 2005

accreditation . shopping . ‘dombivili fast’

on saturday the long preparation for the caa evaluation finally paid off. the krvia is now a commonwealth accredited institute. the kids were elated and when the announcement came in the staff room where all the school had gathered, it felt like the last scene in a hollywood sports film. the board had one person from new zealand, one from london, one from bangladesh, one from delhi and one from pune. while they grilled us during the day; in the evening dinner at the club on the first day- they were very funny and sociable. i actually sang ‘ebony and ivory’ with one of them .

now that was a truly great krvia party- a rarity. we went out for beer with them after the announcement at sea view overlooking juhu beach after being lifted by the students in celebration- one by one.. first kausik, then me, then kaiwan, ainsley and paul.. like we were the coaches of an american football team..

yesterday mom, dad and me went shopping fro clothes to inorbit. i thin i have become a designer junkie. bought two priyadarshini rao linen shirts. bright red and green.

also went and saw the new marathi film ‘dombivili fast’. a take on the michael douglas ‘falling down’ set in mumbai. a white collar straight laced marathi brahmin man living in dombivili and traveling the crowded trains every single day to work, reacts violently to the small and larger abuses on civil society by corruption and laziness. well acted, but the reactionary right wing politics were extremely annoying. a crowd pleaser in the worst possible way. the crowd addressed being the pompous self satisfied green eyed and fair aptes and kulkarnis of parle east, complaining about the greedy biharis taking over ‘their’ city, or the corrupt gujaratis and their money minded ways. awfully off-putting in a film that otherwise was interesting a take on the urban angst of the common man. its too bad the common man himself is really not so admirable.

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sonal said...

ebony and ivory!!! too much. how you sang?