Monday, December 26, 2005

wedding reception

the reception was held sunday at mary immaculate girls high school on the basketball courts at the base of the hill. sonal and meghana are both from the same school and their sister superiors strict warnings were watching over the proceedings. people from everywhere turned up. over a 1000 it seems- at last count. sonal was looking jhataak in her new electric blue sari and so was apurva in her black. chinmaya, anuja, suren uncle, meena, adheem, anil mama, venks uncle, prabha mami, tilak and his parents, rajesh, johnny, mukul, ranjit wearing a sexy black, medha.. etc etc. over the past two days medha, priyanka and their parents have been sleeping over at our place along with radhikas parents. its nice to have guests once in a while. its too bad that the only entertainment i can give them is a trip to inrobit.

the streets near the church have all been decorated with lights in front of the shops. it looks lovely in the evenings.

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