Thursday, December 22, 2005

'harmony'. ' bluffmaster'. 'encounter'. taxes. family dinner

monday was a study trip to harmony- shakti’s huge high end residential building at marve beach near the resort. duplex apartments, row houses and a huge bungalow overlooking the sea. a landscaped garden with fountains and the secretary was a bappi lahiri lookalike who lived alone in the penthouse. he welcomed us in because of the ‘pretty girls’ and did not mind if some of them got left behind. we squirmed and ran out to tea sponsored by shakti at the ‘resort’. the borivili gang – dipti, vivek, krina and apeskha and me with huge club sandwiches embarrassed by shaktis generosity.

went directly to mukuls house later where i met his current visitors- a half german half bengali doctor indrajit and his beautiful jewish girlfriend miriam. they were quite adorable. our entertainment for the evening was ‘bluffmaster’ at ‘the hub’. i don’t know why the reviews were so awful. it is perhaps not as nice as bunty aur bubli but, abhisheks suave charm and priyanka chopras hot innocent diva were pretty watchable. so were ritiesh, nana patekar and boman irani. not much of a plot, but i loved the unusual funky remix soundtrack- not to mention the gorgeous bombay city shots.

tuesday, mukul, me and the foreigners went out to ‘sea view’ watching massage boys and gorging ourselves on pork chilly dry before miri had to leave for the airport and the cold wind was too much for me to bear anymore.

for the ‘encounter’ - amit dutta’s ‘ksha tra gya’ and ‘ma pa’. films that he has made at the ftii. stunning visually, i thought- and i did like the idea of the pre existing narrative that exists in our memories of our childhoods- the stories that we were told or that we read, that is a sourcebook from where we construct our own narratives.

in the evening, much to my resistance i went to powai to my mothers office where dinesh geave me and mukul a lecture on tax planning and investments. i managed , i think to follow about 15% of it. the rest, i trust in him.

i cant believe i was dragged off to another family function in the evening.. all the way to sion in bandu mamas penthouse apartment overlooking sion flyover and dharavi. the views were quite something in the night and i drank baileys irish cream which made me happy enough.
i also got me a nice green leather wallet fro the sofa maker gulab’s showrrom on the main dharavi road in which i have all my stuff now.

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Siddharth said...

can u believe neal 'n' titty got better reviews than bluffmaster in TOI?? and its definitely better than bunty n babli...