Sunday, December 25, 2005

party at powai

at the college party at pride, irla- a haze of too many long island iced teas and a love fest between rupali, prasad and me leaving me with a throbbing hangover in yesterdays wedding party at powai,where the lawns were lit and my mother and usha maushi played the anxious hosts, the ten pm deadline stopped our feet from moving but kept the neighbors who were overlooking the garden happy. i realized just how weird the faces i make while dancing are in the video sonal shot of me and meghana doing ‘aisa jadoo daala re’. priyanka and medha are adorable dancers; it was nice of aditya bhat to take time off his busy star marketing schedule to come for the party; why doesn’t radha dance?; astad and mukul had a long conversation about astad; hetal has all the moves on the dancefloor down pat; rahul and sushma were 2 hours late in a three hour party; meghana looking gorgeous; sonal looking lovely; all in all a lovely evening.

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Shekhar Krishnan said...

Dude why didn't anyone tell me about this lovely evening?