Sunday, October 13, 2013


starchitecture all around in this brash new city, emerging as the southern main town in taiwan. so a metro with famous architecture from around the world design station entrances; the waterfront grows conference centers, office buildings, museums; and older industrial areas become design spaces. annie and me n bicycles down through the hill to the university and past the sea over the bridge on the docks and then along the promenade along the water till we get back to the industrial sheds where young men and women in black uniforms guard drifters from entering the exhibition spaces.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

yi-lan - huang sheng yuan - the town hall

an addition to an existing building that disappears almost completely to the front but opens itself out with two wings to the rear, where floor slabs turn and towers soar.

yi-lan - huang sheng yuan - the shed and the river

a public space made again with the slightest touch.

and in the main city of yi-lan with a master plan that is to be implemented in the decades to come, he gently and diligently negotiates with all the stakeholders along the path of the river to revive it as a presence in the city.

yi-lan, huang sheng yuan- the winery

when a winery was going to disappear from the city of yi-lan a suggestion by the architect instead turned part of it into a cultural centre for the city by the simple insertion of a series of pipes leading visitors from the street into the heart of the industry into a museum and shops. playful and whimsical twists and turns in a minimal intervention.