Saturday, August 27, 2005

the event management school

the event management college continues its good work. every day something seems to be happening in college. something big and something essential. some highly vaunted event to inspire/ upgrade students. and do they appreciate it? who knows? but one thing for sure, it sure makes for very tiring days for us. and of course while all this madness is all around, the work front is also getting quite hectic, besides of course the fact that all the paperwork in the world.. car loans, tax returns, passport verifications.. all want time and energy spent on them.

as you can see, i am almost drowning in things to do. yesterday and today were expecially tiring. prabhakar bhagwat, landscape architect from ahmedabad whom samara had got to school showed us his work. some gardens and fountains, some golf courses and free standing walls.. it seemed pretty so-so until he showed his project at timba – where a stone quarry was completely transformed into a forest through a very gentle process. that was truly amazing.

office under way

after that amit, mukul and me went to the office to choose stone for the flooring. the tiling in way under way and it is not looking as bad as i had imagined it to be. might be habitable again soon. then a meeting at 6 at abha’s place for the street furniture at haji ali. mukul’s parents are here from delhi for a few days and we picked them up at the airport. i was so embarrassed with all the stuff from the office sitting in mukul’s car. i got home and prepared for my ‘who lives here?’ lecture to the second year theory of design course.

friday was probably more busy, after third year design studio, looked at vandana’s thesis students work, then the first year workshop opening. for those who don’t know, the first thing the first year does in school is a workshop the kausik handles with the help of a few final year students and the fellows. this year some spectacular things- a floating hand that opens and closes.. chinese fans that suddenly block the staircases, a wobbly staircase.. this workshop is absolutely amazing in the things that emerge. all preconceived notions in the new kids are broken. fabulous fun.
the first year workshop

at 5 was the opening of the ‘american roadside architecture’ exhibition opening and all of the faculty and students were around to see the photographs of the american vernacular and to eat the rather nice cheese sandwiches. i was so tired by the end of the day and was dying to get home. took a rickshaw home with aditya and mayur from the 3rd year.

the exhibition

and the commonwealth accreditation association inspection is now on the 4th, 5th and 6th of october which means that one month to put that gigantic thing together- the very thought is making me tired.

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