Saturday, August 06, 2005

'hulchul', shopping, prithvi

In ‘hulchul’ akshay khanna and kareena kapoor play start crossed lovers who are born into warring families leading to much ridiculous and silly humor and final reconciliation. Jackie shroff, arbaaz khan and paresh rawal play akshays brothers, suneil shetty plays kareena’s; amrish puri is the dad and arshad warsi- akshays best friend. the movie is full of misogynistic flatulent and juvenile jokes. Mom and me laughed intermittently and fast forwarded all the songs.

Yesterday after the first day of college when amit, saurabh and me finally got somewhere with the Bhopal competition; ak and me went shopping for clothes and shoes to shoppers stop, juhu. This latest addition to the chain is huge glass clad façade right in front of chandan cinema. While I bought me a pair of new shoes, amit went wild with shopping and bought a pair of shoes, two trousers and two shirts.

I must say that prtihvi café is all atmosphere in the evenings. A man playing the flute, hot irish coffee, the theater crowd and almost anyone with tendencies towards the “cultural”. Orange paper lamps, the kadappa benches, the intermittent bells from the show currently on, the blue tarpaulin on a bamboo frame.. as far as star-gazing is concerned , its like the hangout for the cast of the alternative set- stars of the new wave of “multiplex” films, who are big stars when they guest appear on tv crime shows,, makrand deshpande and kk menon – just yesterday.

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