Thursday, August 11, 2005

'iku' . 'un chant d’amour'

it was monday that mukul got two films from sarvodaya.. one awful – that we gave up in ten minutes, and the other probably one of the best films i have seen.

‘iku’ was an 'experimental' futuristic cutting edge sci-fi animation porn film with pointless sex (not that that was unusual) but unbelievably boring (which was).

‘un chant d’amour’ is a 25 minute black and white film- completely silent except for a great soundtrack made by french novelist jean genet. the only film he made and if you have to do just one thing in your life – you must do it like this. i don’t think i have seen eroticism or longing portyrayed on screen that powerfully especially in the scene where the two men smoke a cigarette through a hole in a wall.

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