Monday, August 01, 2005

amita kale in newsprint

now.. who cares anymore.. after a teaser campaign that went on for far too long which started out with people with duct tape over their mouths and ended with yuppies and other pretty people subscribing and old women and ugly people unsubscribing the dna newspaper is supposedly out. forget the bigoted snobbery that was so annoying in the campaign, right now i cant think of a single reason that i need to read what it has to say.

here is one of the last of the series that they have before release and amita kale (consultant poet activist) is not related to my dear friend amit kale (architect associate friend)

ps- whats with the glut of newpaper ads around anyway.. hindustan times, indian express, mumbai mirror, dna. do we really read that much in mumbai?

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