Friday, August 19, 2005

mangal pandey - the rising

the new aamir khan film is awful..
it is so awful that i sincerely believe that it can be used to turn same people into raving idiots if they are made to watch it more than once. a cliché ridden, overblown drama with absolutely nothing to redeem itself. you have a budget that is huge and a star cast to dream of. 4 year to make this piece of garbage?

the acting is at best terrible. aamir khan leads the mediocrity with a moustache that shows more emotion than him. if its pointing upwards he is proud and if downwards to the dharti he gave his life for it is either wet in holi or holy water or has just gone skinny dipping in the river with or without rani mukherji.. rani tries hard to do a madhuri mujra while rehman tries his hand at re-doing maar daala. the only thing notable about ‘vaari vaari’ is rani’s hand gesture going straight down like a knife on her chiffon clad cleavage. while the country was supposedly rising, cleavage, for sure, was falling. kiron kher, for gods sake! and the lesbian gypsy dancers from a remix video gyrating with aamirs moustache this time inebriated. and mangal himself, well, he came across as a complete dimwit. not as much as ketan mehta though who shows as much talent at hacking together a film as butcher with a hammer.

exotic india was in full bloom throughout the film.. the natives danced with their hands flailing in the air bare chested wearing dhotis in sepia.. it did not help much that we saw the entire film in flashback from the point of view of the despairing british officer who believes that he is the reason for mangal’s stupidity..

we all came out in excruciating pain, howling for mercy especially after hearing kailash khers incessant nasal high pitched title track going ‘mangal mangal mangal mangal mangal mangal ho’.. rani in a turban on a horse wielding a sword at the end was i think the last that we could take.

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ranz said...

classic line from post :
while the country was supposedly rising, cleavage, for sure, was falling.