Thursday, August 11, 2005

retiling . crawford market . nagdevi street.

the evil fungi spreads ...

... eating into the walls

the retiling of the office (its becoming a bathroom almost as we tile from floor to celing some of the external walls and up to 3 feet on the other walls) is under way. there is fungus everywhere and the walls are peeling the plaster so forgive the necessary evil when you guys come to see it.

sindoor for the interior

then yesterday amit and me went to south mumbai to buy infill for sujeesh and bindu’s frame wall. very entertaining day. walked around in the narrow streets of the ‘native town’ . streets specializing in all kinds of materials and goods. bought some totally funky things.. decorations for a party, smiley faced balls, coloured bottles and a bell near mumbadevi temple.

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sonal said...

sounds lovely. I can see the boxes crammed with stuff. send me photo when it is done, okay?