Monday, August 22, 2005

new car

well.. more news.. there has been a problem with my back for the past few months- actually almost a year. the reason for the pain in the lower back and (sometimes) the neck has to do with the zen car seats .. so i think. a higher car will definitely help, and although the discussion has been on for a month or so regarding changing the car, things have finally taken shape over the weekend. mukul and me did the first reccy and dad mom and me went around yesterday..

in the running were the hynudai santro and the maruti wagonr for their higher seats as compared to the other small cars, but in the meantime we also saw the new fancy offerings from both companies.. the hyndai getz and the maruti swift. looks wise the getz beats the swift- so i think, the swift looking like a strange samurai to me. both were rejected because of cost and fuel efficiency.

so it was back to the boxes, because both the santro and the wagonr are rather squat. i found the wagonr a little odd in every way.. the strange horns at the top, the weird back.. and the santro seemed more stable and relaxed.. so the santro it is..

and suddenly we are now looking at a new car.. as of today, my good old 5464 zen is now no longer with me- in a flurry of activity the santro dealers have bought it and i am now carless for the next ten days until a white santro arrives.


sonal said...

oye baby car has gone?! already?! nice fellow it was. now muks and we will have matching golu white santros. and he can think up ficus-santra-indica jokes. they will be friends no? or twins?

Mukul said...

haw.. twins, brothers, sisters, friends.. all they will be. we will do racing in two white santros!