Sunday, July 31, 2005

'house of flying daggers'

the men
their muse

i wonder.. aren’t the chinese sick of the way they are portrayed on screen by their so-called auteurs? disgustingly beautiful, poised perpetually for a dance like movement in mid air kicking someone in the head or avoiding a flying arrow or dagger; riding horses, making love hollywood style (which means very gracefully), fighting and dying in landscapes that look as airbrushed as a models hair in a shampoo ad. do things really move in slow motion suddenly when thrown from someone’s hand in higher latitudes? and is everyone in china called an element on nature and speaks as if it were them. “the wind stops for no one” “flowers grow better in the wild” why don’t they just say what they want to straight? chicken chilly dry, i say.. that’s what i want. not very poetic i admit but at least fleshy, greasy and very tasty, unlike the insipid delicacy so unimaginative and formulaic in this extremely overrated film. a predictable love triangle perfect for western tastes and preconceived, non-threatening ideas of chineseness, i guess.. understated anemic apolitical elegance.. but i prefer my food with a little more substance and spice like indian chinese food from uncles corner.

and meanwhile the rain outside just does not seem to want to stop. will, wont there be college tomorrow.. the tv says that schools are closed tomorrow and tuesday. do we qualify as a school ? if only we were the kamla raheja school for architecture and environmental studies and and not an institute!

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Anonymous said...

hey i thought tat the film released in june 2006! thats when we saw the ads in the theater... how! why! no wonders we never got to see the much awaited!!

btw, i enjoy the way these guys potray themselves. however cheap you make it sound..