Tuesday, July 12, 2005

fire station

i must admit to being unreasonably proud of the fire station (still being completed) in spite of the grief it has given us.

our first building.. sonal, amit and me.. the most painful clients and an unbelievable list of bloodsucking consultants.. still the building turned out quite all right.

all red, sharp and glitzy. a flashy new entrance gateway piece for the refinery. the grand stair that leads to the first floor is very welcoming and the incredibly flat rear fa├žade looks great against the huge rain trees.

of course so many of our details and suggestions were skipped like the white for the exposed walls, the pointy corner detail that we had decided that were finally chamfered, the chajja that they got wrong and then refused to cut, the staircase block cladding joinery detail... the list goes on.. courtesy the convoluted workings of a public sector project- and it could have been so much better.. next time..

here some photos- though i am not allowed to take snaps because of security reasons.. these were stolen from the outside main entrance.

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