Friday, July 01, 2005

after a long time away- work.

college can be too stressful sometimes for someone trying to recover from illnesses. too many people to talk to , too many people to explain the current and past state of my health thanks to everyone who cared so much- but it was tiring talking…

and so much of both my jobs consist of wonder that i am so annoyingly “loquacious” (from amits gre wordlist which he pointedly aimed at me while we were lounging on the canteen parapet)

and then my car battery died because i left the lights on, and our evening meeting took forever to get started with bindu and sujeesh.

my temper was at its worst all day. i fired mom in morning, amit at the office, dad and sonal at home.. sorry everybody…i am truly stupid today.. i think i should be silent now and watch men’s tennis on tv to calm me down. wimbledon.

and ridiculous rumour in the third year class courtesy thomas and rutwik- amitabh bachchan is gay in 'sarkar'- that is the twist at the end and the reason why abhishek leaves him. oh please!!! reimagining 'the godfather' did not mean you turn marlon brando into a queen! (huh… wasn’t he one anyways?) they insist that the rumour is confirmed courtesy a pirated dvd. right!

does anyone know what to do about a terrible chest cold and a body ache?

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minubhai said...

surefire remedy for chest colds and the like... half a bottle of brandy, to be consumed lovingly (thats the key)... with a kahda made by boiling water with whole black pepper, cloves, cinammon and ginger.