Friday, July 22, 2005

meetings and the appearance of democratic consensus

a meeting at jj regarding the way in which external juries should assess the work of different colleges. paul, kaiwan, tatke, ainsley and me dutifully took part in an ‘open’ discussion as to the appropriate methodology. i love this idea of democratic consensus. we protested as much as we could to the decisions being made and we were heard- but then afterwards they went ahead and did what they wanted to anyway.. somehow with our signatures validating it. now we cant even say that we did not have a chance to voice our opinion. what an amazing tactic. i must learn more.

postscript: the week after sonal has left (she is right now on her way to leh) has been a mad rush of meetings both in college and outside college- so many things.. the above mentioned was just another one. the lunch afterwards at grant hotel opposite jj was highly recommended but completely ordinary before another meeting with mr chaini afterwards at y b chavan center at nariman point.

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