Friday, July 22, 2005

'maine pyaar kyun kiya'

i generally really like david dhavan films. they are mad, ridiculous and completely off on their own trip outside any kind of rules of logic. this madness is thoroughly enjoyable and govinda does it best.

salman khan was also not tooo bad in ‘judwaa’, so i thought maine pyaar kyu kiya’ would be, if not fabulous, at least funny in parts. unfortunately david dhavan seems to have completely mellowed down his act. everything looks airbrushed and well finished. that particular edginess that used to grate on many peoples nerves but i thought absolutely brilliant seems to have been replaced with a fluffy blandness- that makes you smile sometimes- but very rarely laugh. the nonsense though was there sometimes like the soundtrack doing its crazy ‘doctor doctor’ or ‘that naughty naughty pyaare’, or sohail khans ridiculous antics.. there were at the most three great one liners in the film and that is measly for a david dhavan film.

salman khan looks like he is sleepwalking through the film, katrina kaif is adorable as the innocent waif, but sushmita sen is just radiant. an amazing screen presence, a beautiful intelligent aura- she was the ‘striaght man’ around whom the humour was supposed to happen, but the film just could nto rise beyond being a fairly pleasant humdrum piece of fluff leaving her stranded in the middle of a bore.

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