Monday, July 25, 2005

saturday / sunday: an event list

dropped mom at the aiport (6.45) she was on her way to hyderabad to meet everyone after kamal aai’s death.

then at the office i began preparing the base work for the haji ali street furniture drawings. (7.00)

college discussing delhi development control regulations with paul and sharmishta (8.00)

in my structures of knowledge elective we discussed existentialism reading sartre ‘being and nothingness’. (9.30)

sketches for haji ali project while talking to many students about vasai fort (11.00)

got to know that saurabh, prajnya and harsh are the new fellows. (1.00). one seat is vacant for a ‘good’ technology paper.

bindu sujeesh at ghatkopar- they were late as ususal. the frame wall is half way up. had a debate on the right laminate. (2.45)

alumni meet at college. extremely grave and serious. was less of a party than i thought it would be. amit’s class most represented followed by ateyas and ninads. dipal, atrey and namita from the first batch i taught and schin, niket and tapan from the second. prasad, rupali, kaiwan,also there. only sonals class and nilesh / rohit / yogita’s class not represented at all. good to see chitra again after a really long time. she is looking real good. (4.00- 7.00)

at the office i was trying to finish the haji ali work when saurabh and amit began a discussion on their pan for bhopal. i had serious problems with their design and told them so. a long debate started on the appropriate response with saurbah accusing me of playing both sides of an argument. what to do- i am libran.. (7.00-9.30)

mukul and me went to vikram doctors party in bandra. alok was there too (naturally) and so were georgina and rajat.did not know any one else and was too tired by the long day to mingle. mukul had no such trouble and was happily chatting with the eclectic mix of people that vikram had called. film maker, designer, writers, architect, researchers, married, single, gay, straight.. i sat in a corner nursing the drink alok had made and made small talk with dhania from nid (sp?) who knew sachin boytoy and siddharth from nid now at idc. was completely exhausted by the end of the party and wanted to leave but was held back when a sari-clad bengali guest at the party sarted singing farida khanum and simon and garfunkel.

the next morning i finally managed to finish the haji ali presentation by 11.00 and left for bandra with mukul to drop it at abha's place- after which we went shopping for clothes. i was so out of shirts that it was getting embarassing. bought one at benneton and two at cotton world.

afternoon and evening saw those amazing paradzhanov films - 'ashik kerib' and 'legend of suram fortress'. more about them later..

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