Saturday, July 16, 2005

town landmark, superman, new media- aar paar, meetings, eli

a working week ends. the 'town landmark' project is complete. shall upload an image when i can- along with the text. saurabh has painted a beautiful image for the sheet, and it all looks rather joyous and happy.

superman has landed in the office. sonal got these really well made action figures that dont do much but twist at the waist. batman and superman- saurabh took the dark knight leaving the man of steel behind.

in college, 'comet media' - chandita mukherjee wanted to see whether we would be interested in a 'new media' institute affiliated to the institution. what 'new media' is and how there can be an institute based on a technique rather than a discipline was something that confused me.
this new media thing continued on thursday and friday when shilpa gupta installed the 'aar paar' exhibition in college. two plasma screen that looped alternate clips of video art from pakistan and india, including shilpa's "blame", nalini's "unity in diversity" which was shot by mukul and tejal shahs work. in the q&a that followed neha asked what exactly was the difference between film making and video art- and i thought that it was a good question. i was thinking about madhu's new films.

the question and answer session over tea with shilpa

second year kids watching the 'aar paar' exhibition

meanwhile in college there is a meeting festival- whether that is for the caa inspection, thesis, general talk, design cell... the list goes on. i thin i spend most of the time in my life talking. my mouth aches just thinking about it.

.. and eli called from the us after a long time. i was driving to school and had to stop on the side of the highway to speak to her. elisabeth paul (now matthew) is one of my close friends from architecture school in india. i remember we could speak for hours and hours straight over the phone after we had already spent an entire day together in college. after she got married she moved to bangalore and now lives in the us with husband and daughter. it was after a really long time that i was talking to her and she told me that they were contemplating moving back to india - specifically mumbai- soon. that is going to be fun.

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