Sunday, July 03, 2005


a rock concert in many cities around the world to forgive third world debt with its usual assortment of left wing liberal ancient dinosaurs and new age misty eyed pip-squeaks (sonal’s words) elton john, duran duran, ubiquitous u2, rem, coldplay, green day, bryan adams and bjork. bjork must be my new madonna. the real queen.

almost every rock band worth their salt have at least one song about “the human condition”.. bjork- “all is full of love”, u2 “beautiful day”, rem “everybody hurts”.. predictably they all sang these well worn classics while telling us to sign the pledge to rid the third world debt in slickly produced filler messages.
bill gates sponsored power pop politics and universal love.
bob geldof for the nobel peace prize-- sign the pledge!

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