Monday, July 11, 2005

weekend report- crowded public space

not much to say except for 'hawaiian shack' on saturday night and the mad malling yesterday.

went dancing after a really long time saturday night. reminded me of the times a few years back before marraige and the us broke the group up into splinters. ranjit in his hat, sonal who is still in bombay for a week, meghana without ashish, amit with tejas, nishesh and abhidnya, rahul and sushma, and me met at this ridiculously crowded nightclub in bandra 'hawaiian shack'. retro music, very smoky.. 'mustang sally' really rocked, so did, would you believe 'i wanna dance with somebody..' many more songs from my teenage years.

naturally we knew all the words and screamed them out while we were being jostled from side to side as we stood in the only open space near the door to the loo. meanwhile ranjit got sloshed as a random woman poured vodka down his throat while she danced on the bar, and one gorgeous woman winked at me while dancing and my night was made.

yesterday mom, dad, sonal and me went malling at inorbit- inarguably the best mall in the western suburbs... what happens at these places on sunday evenings is unbelievable- it was crazily crowded.people of all descriptions just walking up and down the corridors- hanging around, watching, browsing, buying. we went to buy clothes and could not find much worth spening money on. sonal and me looked around and notticed that actually people dress pretty awfully so it is tough finding good clothes.

'raghuleela' is the new mall in kandivili and was on our way back home. there were three shops open in there and still there was a half hour wait for parking. a blue lighted floor and red and yellow strips on the wall. tacky, loud, pointless and very very distrubing. we all wanted to scream and get out as quickly as we could... and unfortunately these are the only real public spaces in the western suburbs. madness.

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