Thursday, July 07, 2005

happy birthday shyam

shyam and me at my house- this photo must have been taken when we were both in junior college- him at elphinstone and me in nearby kc.

shyam and me have known each other since the fifth standard i think when we both discovered our common love for hardy boys, agatha christie and p g wodehouse. our friendship started with an innocuous exchange of books and its been decades now that we know each other.

he is now in the states- married with child.. its his birthday today- the 7th of july..
happy birthday love! and hope to see you soon..

shyam and me on the old bombay-pune highway during our attempts at joining engineering college after our 12th there.


Anonymous said...

hey rohan bhai

where did u get that photo man saala makes u feel old now.hey shyam happy birthday old man have fun


mukul said...

hey shyam,

happy birthday!

and what a co-incidence, today is my friend shanker's birthday as well!

Anonymous said...

Guys - Babu, Mukul & Rohan,
Thanks you so much for your best wishes. Nowadays, birthdays for me are just days when I look forward to hearing from you.
Rohan thank you for your the lovely 'gift'. Brings back old memories. I tried sending you pics of the little one but it keeps bouncing. Will send you some on your gmail.