Monday, July 04, 2005

war of the worlds

it is unfortunate that the tricks of the trade of quintessentially speilbergian film making are so popular. techniques and moves that he made so terrifying/ fascinating/ annnoying in so many of his previous films seem rehashed in lite mode in 'war of the worlds'. there are fragments of so many armageddon and creature films made by him and by his hollywood contemporaries found all over the place- that i almost wished it was a parody of them- except that it took itself so seriously. 'anaconda' meets 'independence day' meets 'signs' meets 'mars attacks' meets 'ai' meets..

that’s not to say that there weren’t images that were absolutely stunning. the bodies in the river, the first huge tetrapod scene, the special effects.... still largely disappointing finally- just because it could have been so much better. the cop-out end did not help.

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