Sunday, May 29, 2005

back out of business

in so many ways.. need more work- for one..

and the lower back ache continues along with the neck pain.. though i regularly and religiously follow the stretching exercise routine that kalyani from dr madhu gandhis’ physiotherapy clinic laid out. its getting better- but not by much.

its surprising how i did not mention kalyani here in spite of me being twisted into all kinds of shapes by her almost every morning for 10 days a few weeks back. she was my doctor among a group of marathi girls whom i used to meet in the clinic that lay in a garage in vile parle. i have a feeling the torture she put us (me and a group of older women and men) every morning gave her immense pleasure. now she is gone away to trek in the himalayas and some other girl has come in her place. i refuse to be touched by a lackey or a substitute.


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