Saturday, May 28, 2005

bunty aur babli

10 reasons to watch bunty aur bubli

  1. rani mukherjee - a real movie star and actress. vivacious. beautiful, stunning.
  2. abhishek bachchan - almost his father- and sometimes with more heart. laid back. charming. easy.
  3. amitabh bachchan. every time i see him perform all chyawanprash ads are forgiven
  4. the crazy self referential quick witted script and the unashamed indulgence in referencing innumerable classic hindi films- respectfully and lovingly
  5. the sharp tongued, clever dialogue.
  6. all the various small tiny details that are jammed into each frame- every corner.
  7. the chemistry between rani and abhishek.. that song in the mountains..
  8. the clothes.. sequins, chiffon, polka dots, mirrorwork. designer kitsch never looked so good. but then again rani can carry anything off - even the black hot pants in the 'nach baliye' song.
  9. the cameos in so many supporting roles by faces from the past.. and not to forget-
  10. amitabh and abhishek on screen together for the first time in a surreal dream like sequence .. with aishwarya looking absolutely stunning - and managing to have a sense of humour about herself. (what a good song!)

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