Wednesday, May 18, 2005

paro's question / test

the other day over a lunch at andheri east- chole bhature at ‘gulatis’- paro asks mukul and me which is out all time favourite hindi film song- doubtless to psychoanalyze our deep dark repressed desires through the choices we made.

her song was some obscure thing from ‘mere jeevan saathi’..

mukul knowing her devious motives chose ‘maine poocha phoolon se hason to who khil khilakar has liye..’ but then settled for some pregnancy song from navrang (his sandhya obsession) or ‘jane kya tune kahin’ from ‘pyaasa’ (waheeda rehman)

me? on the way back from alibaug i remember my hair standing up on end to hearing lata sing ‘allah tero naam’ from ‘hum dono’ and that flirtatious classic from the same film ‘abhi na jao chhodkar ke dil abhi bhara nahin’.

i wonder what paromita the analyst thought when i told her that.

mom refuses to choose, ranjit says 'is mod se jaate hain' from 'aandhi'.. and dad says ‘raina beeti jaaye’ .. you wanna join in?

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Mayur said...

there are so many songs that i can list as my fav....the one that comes to mind right now is..'tujhse naaraz nahi zindagi'...from masoom...hey the way..i totally second u on the mariwala house...its quite a mess...i remember working on the drawings...drew every bloody door and window of that house