Saturday, May 28, 2005

new english writing, old british buildings

image 1 – amit and me at an industrial estate at parel waiting for arshiya the fashion designer to look at her new workshop.

image 2 – the hot ugly parking lot at ‘high street phoenix’ and lunch at mcdonalds

image 3 - mukul, prachi and me walking around the streets of the fort area brazenly adding to our heritage a collection of derelict old buildings- choosing them as much for our own subjective aesthetic preferences as much as the supposed ‘value’ that the age of the building adds to the city.

image 4 – the camera shop where mukul helped paro dressed up in style for her reading, buy a camera for her film on loos.

image 5 – bcl auditorium where at the launch of ‘first proof’ an anthology of new indian writing jerry pinto, paromita vora and naresh fernandes read some of their own and some one else’s writing. paros short story about a sari with a border of hundred rupee notes, jerry pintos history of helen (its so easy making fun of hindi films) , ranjit hoskotes prose poetry, naresh ferenandes on cuba and fidel castro…

image 6 – the wine and titbits party where bahaar bought me the book and paro kissed and signed it.

image 7 - a smoky table at leopolds where many people sat around a table and half heard everything that everyone else was saying. the people being bahaar (who left early- poor thing), girish and jabeen, rahul, raja mohanty from idc who now teaches chitra, tushar, paro, saryu doshi and some woman from penguin india whose name i did not get, hansa and mukul.

image 8 – bhurji and omlette at santacruz with tushar, hansa, mukul and paro.

paro smacking as bahaar looks on

paro and me with the perfect lip-print

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