Tuesday, May 31, 2005

taloja, karjat, gilbert hill, landmark, kababs

a long day that started off in bandra at 8 at mr chaini’s house at kalanagar- three buildings away from bal thakerays.. from where amit, sonal and me followed mr chain, his wife and a civil engineer mr mewani (now a self proclaimed expert on education) in their blue mercedes , to the taloja site where he wants a water harvesting tank below a cold storage facility built. very interesting.

from there to their karjat farmhouse where in between the 20 acres of cashew and mango trees mr chaini is imagining an educational institute of sorts- yoga and management. his wife was quite the diva of the place organizing everything and speaking yugoslav fluently for some reason. we were all very impressed.

when we got back to andheri we met saurabh and namrata and climbed the odd half round gilbert hill from where we saw the most strangest views of the city.

then we had a ‘landmark’(some competition that we hope to take part in )discussion at the office during which we did more lounging in the air conditioning than actual work. link road gave up on me today and it took almost an hour and a half to drive back home.

but now the light outside is golden.. the light that envelops the city in the last days of summer before the rains .. i bought kababs from the dude at the corner and the wind was blowing strong and the sky got suddenly overcast..... today is the first day of this light. looking forward to tomorrow. mukul says he has clicked some photographs of it.. hopefully he will post some – my camera phone cant capture the glow.

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wattithis! your fotos are still not loading only.