Sunday, May 22, 2005

the revenge of the sith

could not help it.. bad timing in getting to fame adlabs drew us (ranjit, tabrez, sonal, mukul, amit, mayuri, me) in to see ‘the revenge of the sith’.. some fans, some excited, some inquisitive , some unwilling, some kicking and screaming.. all of us came out with almost the same feeling..

it was as expected.. unnecessarily overcooked gaudy animation, an imagination informed by tawdry low budget mawkishness, plot, acting and dialogue inspired by the depths of emotion felt in american soap operas.

cant waste any more energy describing the crap, being clever, being angry, trying to ridicule or dismiss the film.. the less said the better - one word sums it all up- yuk!

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Mukul said...

the film was as you describe it, but the experience of watching it sitting in the front row was damn cool, almost making it participatory, like you could reach out and touch them, shake them for their bad lines! and its always good to watch films in a large group.. remember agni varsha? :)