Sunday, May 29, 2005


speaking of chemistry on screen – dilip kumar and vyjayantimala sizzle so much that in madhumati they burn together in past lives, present ones, ghost ones and even duplicate ones. a slight excuse of a storyline to weave brilliant songs in and out of.

an urbane engineer falls in love with feisty tribal girl who falls prey to the machinations of an evil landlord then comes back to claim him and her lover- not only in this life but in the next. a storyline mukul tells me ritwik ghatak wrote in a night in exchange for a drink from bimal roy- it sounds like he did.

a formulaic, entertaining reincarnation drama – extremely well made with divine songs. especially the two dances– bichuua (which is supposedly a euphemism for physical desire), and zulmi sang aankh ladi.

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ranjit said...

trust mukul to provide us with info like that,no?