Sunday, May 29, 2005

jitendra joshi: small town roots and a tv show

in an earlier post about the marathi play 'hum to tere aashiq hain' i remember speaking about jitendra joshi-host of the entertaining 'campus- a fair war' on z marathi. here he is- becoming very happy when a random girl from a random small town sings asha bhosales 'jivalaga rahile door ghar maajhe re' really well.

i love the show and somewhere in me i can feel the longing for the small town stir. i seem to have a strange nostalgic affection for these towns which i am often too afraid to state or confront for seeming patronizing. latur- a perfectly planned radial city, sholapur, amravati- so many more...

the other day i read about the history of amravati- the bhavani temple was built in the 9th century and the walls of the town in 1807 by a muslim ruler.. my mom who grew up in the city did not know that. shouldnt she have known?

i think this search for 'roots' is what is making me choose my area of research for the fellowship 'the architecture of the small town'. it is a past/history/heritage project- with each term being sequentially more problematic.

random question - what exactly does 'mofussil' mean? anyone know?

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Abhijeet Safai said...

I also use to like this show very much. :)