Saturday, September 03, 2005

art ojects. the shape of a pocket. jhanak khanak payal baje

there are works of art that completely adore works of art.. and their creators. been immersed in them for the past few days. jeannette wintersons art objects- ecsatcy and effrontery - a luscious dramatic love poem for art and her relationship with it, the meaning of it in her life. effusive about both the art and its creator, she is unashamed in gloriously extolling their virtues. words are what she loves; and her own are fiery and precise, abounding with aphorisms that dissect the role of art in our lives- be it books, paintings or movies. right now i am reading john berger’s ‘the shape of a pocket’- a selection of essays whichi also seems to be similar – so far .

and then there was ‘jhanak jhanak payal baje’ where a dancer sacrifices her love for art for the sake of art and ends up being the one who saves it from the enemies of jealousy and money. the film is highly melodramatic, like you would expect from a shantaram film featuring his love and his art- sandhya; the dnaces are fabulous most of the time and the music great. the sets trip over themselves in trying to out gloss each other. i loved the film.

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