Thursday, September 15, 2005

bahaar's wedding

bahaar and anand

bahaar is the last of my friends from my architecture years at lsr to get married. she was looking exquisite (as she always does) at the mehndi in a room above ‘joss’ and in the wedding at the ‘crystal room’ at the taj. anand, her husband, is this tamilian iyer boy from new york- seems like the kind of guy i would like to know better- good looking, smart and with a sense of humour. the poor things looked exhausted yesterday when mukul and me ( wearing matching matching clothes –almost…) met them resting their feet after being very polite and pleasant to all the guest who stood in line to pay their respects. they are off to kerala for the honeymoon and then anand heads off to nyc; bahaar follows at the end of the month.

bahaar at the mehndi

bahaar and anand dancing to a live band singing bollywood hits at the mehndi

i wished i could have spent a little more time with them, but the roads back are unbelievably bad with the rains, flooding, ganpati and the government machinery all conspiring against all motorists.

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Anonymous said...

Hey that is wonderful news!!!!She really looks stunning.....drop down gorgeous.....n the pics are equally amazing ...the only thing I wished ...if I could have switched the bridegroom with someone I know best wishes to her....Tabrez